BenTrem tweeted on 2010-06-12

  • When Henry #Kissinger writes that "complexity inhibits flexibility"; was he just dead wrong? Or did he mean something subtle here? #
  • Pondering Dostoevsky on beauty (You know, the Ode to Joy stuff?); if folk are invariably trite, can they appreciate the democratic project? #
  • @aptuscollab "Complexity tax"; nice construct but doesn't address the point: how does complexity inhibit flexibility? Stick + rock !=piano in reply to aptuscollab #
  • "complexity inhibits flexibility" –#Kissinger What was Henry thinking? How's this: as a dinosaur, he only groks simple; nuance freaks him. #
  • @Nychsa Ok, so we still disagree. Not allow mind to rattle? Suchness = mind rattles! "Like a waterfall in the background". in reply to Nychsa #
  • @marshallk "Toward a Saner Standards Process" by Simon St Laurent > < (OReilly) We're becoming conscious of practice?! #
  • "Last call; final bugs | Itch, scratch, contort; | calmly wait" #WP RC3 available for download and testing: < #
  • If someone asked a /really/ rude question, rudely, you'd side-step, right? That's how #yuppies respond to bare truth. Again: #matrix #borg #

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