BenTrem tweeted on 2010-06-10

  • WikiLeaks source, Army Specialist, Turned in by Ex-Hacker > < (NYTimes) #
  • @ahkonlhamo Prairies' spring showers usually promise bounty. Sadly, this year temps are far too low for anybody's good. Snow forecast. in reply to ahkonlhamo #
  • /me ponders: since we're always cognitive misers, if we experience 80% pay-off w/20% effort, why would we ever hoe into the hard stuff?! #
  • Weird: my #twhirl is full of TimeLord gack from people who I'm not Following. @loic #
  • @loic I take "Twitter issue" as good news; I feared that seesmic network had somehow been comprimised. cheers in reply to loic #
  • @yourdon @newmediajim FYI/FWIW my pre-shopping research brought this to me: "Cameras I’ve used so far" > < #
  • @seesmic_desktop Used your recent link to 0.2. Installer said I already had 0.7; proceed? Sure. Ran 0.2. Says I can get 0.7 if I wanted. heh in reply to seesmic_desktop #
  • W/Jon Stewart I ask, "Can we do this shiet OR NOT?!" My cohort (yes, them: #yuppies has mastered a diff game: 80/20 personality politics. #
  • #dharma I popped up out of a rabbi-hole: even if / especially when "the other" is wilfully ignorant solipsist, bodhicitta applies. #GoFigure #
  • @yourdon He's doing a retrospective of his personal holdings. I'm thinking use that as matrix for a substantial update c/w other reviews. in reply to yourdon #
  • @alexknowshtml *puhrk* Wait; design /negatively/ affecting fundamentals? Hunh? I must be missing context … blog post coming? #
  • Notably, Christopher Hitchens is one of very, very few guests on Daily Show who physically turned to face and ack audience, w/o dashing. #
  • integrates #GoogleBuzz ! Ooh … okay, I'm in. #
  • ReTw @Mickeleh – There's at least marine animal not endangered by #oilspill The Twitter Fail Whale. #
  • @bxmx Sounds good. (I know East/Central far better than South.) Hope things weren't too wet! in reply to bxmx #
  • @semanticarts @charlesyeo: (Greets) My "target audience" is those in that second curve, to enhance that experience. Can have fun after. ;-) in reply to semanticarts #
  • … yet another site that hijacks material. Can we form a posse to stomp folk who do this? #
  • @adrielhampton Yepp, clehvur. The challenge I see: how to array / index all of those situation-specific functions. #HelmetFire in reply to adrielhampton #
  • How to do this without being gross? <i>Italicized, this is, and <b>now both but</i>*poof* this is bold only</b>, which is kewl but gross. #
  • /me anticipates reply that look like M$ DOC => HTML circa 1997. #
  • @adrielhampton ;-) 1000s of flowers blooming does not a garden make. in reply to adrielhampton #
  • note to self: the skidoo suite soaking in the tub weighs approximately the same as M1 Abrams. *watch yer back dumb-f*** a**hole!* #
  • J'accuse, mofo! "Data" should never anticipate that information will be absent i.e. "data" is information agnostic. Should be, at least. #

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