BenTrem tweeted on 2010-06-09

  • @BarryFenner Hear, hear! I've been beavering away at "participatory deliberation" since summer of '75! (No, not kidding.) cheers #
  • Geeeezus, I don't want an #Ovi account, I want to UL from #Nokia to Flickr. This industry is #BrainDamaged #
  • Take #3 an UL from Nokia to Flickr, coming up. *sigh* #
  • No "Check for Update" in Safari? Gosh … I'd have thought they could fine pro coders /somewhere/. *shrug* #
  • Comment on: Apple's Biggest News: An Open Standard for Video Calls: I'm distracted from the whole "standards" thing. #
  • @mystic23 Odd thing about being an individual person: so much seems new but it's happened 10s of 1000s of times every year for centuries. in reply to mystic23 #
  • Imagine a world where the A-list didn't constantly flood every possible channel with self-congratulatory gack. You know, a bit of STFU. #
  • @SmallRivers Hope you're getting the praise you deserve. I created /novaspivack /timoreilly /adrielhampton and /USEmbPretoria cheers! in reply to SmallRivers #
  • @Janie_T_Edsels What was that about? You typed "RT" but it wasn't a retweet. And you add my name though I think that stuff is crap. 'sup? in reply to Janie_T_Edsels #
  • @SmallRivers Glad to hear it. Oh, and BTW: failure hurts but success is truly PITA. ;-^ in reply to SmallRivers #
  • ReTw @greenroofsuk My Alberta Canada ecoroof and green roof roadshow schedule is now up > < (#YEG 24JUNE) #
  • @meyerweb Academic interest: have you blogged about GPL / premium themes at all? peripherally? TIA in reply to meyerweb #
  • @kulpreetsingh I liked his books, "Needs of Others" in particular. But PM material?! noop nooop! in reply to kulpreetsingh #
  • @macyharrison – You DM me mafia crap, and I'm the dick. Yaaa right. Again: this is not "thank you". *pfffffffft!* #
  • @greenroofsuk The YEG location is the NW corner of downtown core. 1 block from a nice Irish-style pub/restaurant! *grin* in reply to greenroofsuk #
  • Ovi "share" doesn't load; Bell phone registration out of service; Ovi slide share doesn't show in DL menu. This industry is idiotic! #
  • 1) Ovi site on phone browser allows no text input 2) Ovi "Feedback" web form fails 3) Ovi "Help" page logs error. Nice way to make money! #
  • Buy a new #Nokia phone; put $100 on #Bell service; can't register online; can't UL online and now? "Email isn't compatible". Crooks … #
  • "Will #WordPress #Gravatars Kill Off Google Profiles?" > < via @wptavern #
  • Think it's just me? Maybe you live in a bubble. I don't. Nor does Hixie … who now owes $9.999 apparently. > < #

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