BenTrem tweeted on 2010-05-10

  • Well dang … if/when Habs lose looks like I'll be cheering for Penguins. Nice sorta hockey. #
  • 2010 and comment preview / edit still isn't standard with WordPress. That's just wrong. That's just stupid. It pisses me off. It's shameful. #
  • Red Wings deserve a break. #
  • Again, I say, Red Wings deserve a break. #
  • #AnswerMeThis – There was a site where people posted technical problems, a sort of open-source project. Know it? Not #
  • The ultimate scene of "Last Samurai" … silence falls … and I realize that my old cat is snoring. There's a haiku in there, somewhere. #
  • @BNet's "Industry" page scooped me. > < Very much the design paradigm I was working towards. #kudos #
  • @newmediajim – Downside of shortener, Jim: material is presented in StumbleUpon frame c/w SU URL. I think that sux. #
  • @newmediajim I use for manual. Twhirl gives a choice. But say, peek @arc90's "TBuzz" bmarklet > < Elegant. #
  • "Why Demand Media is just like KFC" by @arc90 > < (Long, thoughtful blog post … a dying breed?) #
  • @ddn Congrats! You're ready for a new hobby? I liken it to cliff-climbing … the more you do, the more you want to do it. Enjoy! in reply to ddn #
  • Getting pissed off … Hootly and StumbleUpon both hijack contents. Don't folk realize that? Gawd … #borg #
  • Ad execs are producing our new methods … but that's not a concern … because tech is ideologically neutral, right? Right?! *sigh* #
  • I wonder: if there was a way to open the A-list's back-channel communications for participation, would they empower that? I'd guess not. #
  • ReTw @laughingsquid: An Early Look At Twitter Annotations Or, "Twannotations" > < via @parislemon #
  • @Woork – is default in TBuzz, and that's what I use with TWhirl. Usually I'll go to tinyurl. And FWIW I /hate/ Hootly and Stumble. in reply to Woork #
  • RT @rinkjustice: RT @bogusky Remember when plastic bottles were against the law? < #

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