BenTrem tweeted on 2010-05-09

  • I sure do wish Pronger was on a team I could like. *sigh* #
  • Stanley Cup hockey … gotta luv it. #
  • Alternative to TeaBag conspiracy theories: "'Coalition of the Willing', (animated film) war against global warming" > < #
  • @Revkin – Rustling around bleating about "Need to Know" I came across this: < cheers / greets #
  • There: Clinton put his finger on it just now, "What we've lost is a common fact base". That's my corner-stone. Can't have discourse. #
  • @RobinGood – I've seen some amazing example. Folk with neither bio nor URL, talking bla-blah, having Ks of Followers. #game in reply to RobinGood #
  • CATO has given up on thinking logically: "Welfare State and Terrorism" > < #TeaBaggers #
  • I just de-frosted the chicken stew I made earlier this week. Didn't ace the spices, but OMG OMG OMG I love my cooking! #
  • I almost replied to a post in … almost. I wrote a reply. But I didn't post it. *blink* #
  • From Highlights from a 2010 election strategy session with David Plouffe > < #
  • Guys get paid so much to produce such crap. On Facebook I have "UserName" but FB badge calls on "ScreenName", so displays none. #Ass #
  • Dear Technorati – We go back a lotta years. I'm real glad to see @trpolitics. But ads for taxis? and Nigerian girls? < #
  • To read: "The Politics of Alternative Futures" > < (google books) #

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