BenTrem tweeted on 2010-04-21

  • ReTw @shannonrosa Self-publishing works! Cool interview with @pomplamoose on NPR > < #MicroPayment #YouTubeRevenueShare #
  • Mr. Gates – Micro-lending so small businesses can buy enviro/efficient material. How come not already? How come? Why not? Why? #YuppieTwits #
  • Q: why don’t we sink nuclear waste capsules in the Mariana Trench? 10KM of water … #
  • Why have I been hitting foul-balls for years? Let me ask: how many docs do you read in a week. 1? 1/mnth? Usually < .1. Rare cases 5/day. #
  • @andersoncooper – And the anti-globalization folk? The movement everyone decided to forget. A16-DC/WB-IMF … A20-QC/FTAA. Boring? #
  • Hot shiet! Thanks for the, uhhh, once in a lifetime experience? (YouTube #
  • #GoldmanSachs – I went on record in 1984 calling for forensic accounting of Wall Street. 26yrs at $Ms/year … they’re laughing. #
  • Piwik – Open Source analytics > < wow … I mean, wow … no, really. Wow. #
  • Web2.0? Taking the discussion about WP3.0 as an example, I remember better communications in 1992 … Web0.2a mebbe, but not 2.0! #

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