BenTrem tweeted on 2010-04-20

  • Talk about country music or new snack food and everyone’s chirpy. Try to get something done? It’s like pushing a length of chain. #
  • @dannorris Congrats! You were on guinea pig flight? Did they issue parachutes? #
  • #motivation – Since “nice” people are actually/in fact nasty/cynical, then “happy” people just gritting their teeth? (Data fits!) #
  • Winds over NA are basically W to E, yes? And volcanic activity is in the W, yes? Sooooo … it’s inevitable. #AshCloud #
  • #WholeEarth – I know some of you grok 80/20. Most do 20% to get 80%. Bummer. What if we did the hard 20%? Just a few of us … even a few. #
  • @SignsOfHope – OMG I was rocking back thinking about Documentation3.0 and just now someone talked about “love of literacy” in new business. #
  • Oh … Paul Hawken talked about “love of literacy” … Paul Hawken speaking well of corporate activity … go figure. *sigh* #
  • Next week on “American Experience” is My Lai (a massacre in Vietnam, kiddo. and a cover-up) RoE & LoW VS ROI. #
  • @ponlop – Mila went camping in the high valleys; I live in the thronging market-place. May I envy him now and then? ;-p #
  • What I did, a coupla years ago, testing Doc3.0: p.s. click “Show Dialog” for function. #
  • “Climate Game Changer; Can Cochabamba pick up where Copenhagen failed?” > < ( #
  • @PaulPetterson haaaa … cat owner, hunh? ;-^ be well soon #
  • Com-unity … like com-passion. (Remember: “empathy” is a com-unist plot! *G*) Community is resilient. So when plague strikes, we’ll see. #
  • @PaulPetterson – Runny noise and you’re all “THIS SUCKS”? Bro’ you need a brick upside the head. You’d be wey better after that. cheers #
  • #VivirBien “As Glaciers Melt, Bolivia Fights for the Good Life” > < (My cohort’s really a buncha pathetic sophists.) #
  • @chrisckemp Greets – Today, somewhere, I read of NASA’s CIO being given expanded role. I thought here on Twitter but no joy. You know? #
  • Rahm Emanuel on Charlie Rose. “Decisions … there’s bad/worse, there’s immediate/emergency. That’s the grid.” Doc3.0 … literacy! #
  • #civility – John Dingell is a gentleman; acknowledged the audience on Daily Show. Yuppies and their kidz? 2 secs and less, they’re gone. #
  • Tech_doc editing calls for something like eagle-eye. For e.g. on @mgualtieri profile I spot “NoSQL” … *perk* Just what a need: new topic! #
  • Adobe “Creative Suite 5” (CS5) > < US$1899 … yaa right. I’ll take 2. *blink* #

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