BenTrem tweeted on 2010-04-13

  • @tylerdewar 231K pages> and 182K terms > … think Rinpoche would like a concordance? *grin* TD! #
  • @ponlop – TD! __{*}__ p.s. tried Twhirl? Same crew as TweetDeck but light-weight. I created a color scheme for it > < #
  • @ponlop – I came across Gorampa only today > < Quibbled w/Tsongkapa and Dolpopa both … my kinda guy! ;-) #
  • Crooks, liars, cheats. The WashPost site displays my name 2 places. But I can’t comment. Because “registration is req’d”. Corrupt. #
  • You win? No … /we/ lose. I’m tired … you’ve worn me down. So you haven’t “won”, but you’ve succeeded. So haughty, so blithe … #
  • Think of it this way: mathematicians are mere accountants; engineers are short-order cooks. see Einstein on gedanken and Heidegger on teche. #
  • @Jason_Pollock “Where your friends are” depends on how you define “friends”. For most of our history “where” = campfire … more inclusive. #
  • Closing thought: show me a Buddhist without bushido I’ll show you yet.another yuppies’ kid c/w sense of entitlement. #
  • @sjcobrien My 1st impression of Buzz was like w/GWave: odd. But once Follow list bulks up it gets better. Functionality? Odd, yep. #
  • @deathdude282 I just built a new box for Arma2 so this is great news! (YouTube #

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