BenTrem tweeted on 2010-04-12

  • @sjcobrien I must be hooked already; I read “Talking to @chrismessina” and my thought was, “Oh? I didn’t see you on Buzz.” Geeesch! ;) #
  • @Joelplane Fry sausage slightly over-long over slightly over-high heat; add not-terrible tomato sauce and simmer. Break cheese over mac; go! #
  • @atizine HeyYa Marco – Was thinking not long ago how that stuff usta be pret’near daily … have done no such for *blink* years. #bummer #
  • ReTw @sentience – Delayed (technical difficulties) but worth the wait! SitePoint Podcast #56: “Professional WP” > < #
  • Strategy / tactic … I didn’t know the story of Richard (yes, the LionHeart) and the battle of Jaffa. History is t.h.e shiet. #
  • How’s this for a hoot: Saladin was born in Kirkuk (birthplace of Saddam *gack ptui*) … he was a Kurd! #
  • I don’t want to learn Perl or C for just 1 project. Say: would Pascal work for text analysis? > < #

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