BenTrem tweeted on 2010-04-01

  • It’s a cultural thing: folk expect that Gov2.0 = yuppie. My background is industry. It’s like the yuppie read a book; I did the stuff. #borg #
  • Whittling at a meme, something like “The question is ‘So what?’ If the answer is ‘Not’ then it’s just news.” If it doesn’t matter, it’s just #
  • RE: @jkuramot Ok, let’s go with your “algorithmic way to control firehose”. I betcha Al Ghoretzmi or whatever the brot… #
  • “Who threw egg at the bus?!!!” Now me, I was martial in anti-apartheid marches and shit like that. No eggs. See what I mean now? #yuppie #
  • My table-mate’s wife challenges me: “You have an odd attitude.” I reply: “I’m Kagyu. HHDL is Gelug. His school contracted the Mongols.” heh #
  • heh … was going to tweet “OMG Jon Stewart has picked up my vibe!” but was inspired: yep, @Mlsif still has me Blocked. #yuppie #arse #
  • @jonstewart – Jon: Joe Stalin had it figured out. “Arbitrary” is how you really get folk on the ropes; laws the contradict were his special. #
  • Dear google – I don’t know how, but your toolbar update has messed up page rendering. You monitoring my data? #
  • @agentdero @mde – I’ve used that untold number of times. I’ve sometimes wished I could consult those mini-buffers! #

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