BenTrem tweeted on 2010-03-31

  • For folk I just followed: if you google “participatory deliberation” you’ll probably find some of my old work. #
  • “It’s open source, so we can take the developments and pass them on TO OUR CLIENTS.” Right. Just so. #exploitation #CrowdSlavery #
  • I used to blog with such enthusiasm! > <from JAN2003 #
  • @ChrisSaad You got into fractals, yes? (Truth: it was even more fascinating on an XT or heh C=64.) #
  • I used to blog with such enthusiasm! > < from JAN2003 #
  • Put a slice of fresh lemon into just boiled water. Call it tea. Every situation is like that! #Zen #
  • @fredabramson @DeanLand – Simple superiority by reason of mere wisdom … it’s the other stuff that’s terribly complicated! _gassho_ #
  • @DanAncona – Is “It scales!” today’s equivalent of yester-year’s “No smoke!” #
  • @wptavern You mean there’s more to it than just home.php ?! *grin* #
  • “So, then what defines a WCMS?” > < #WP via @wptavern #
  • RE: @jkuramot I think it’s a Sizzle v. Beef kinda thing.

    When I was computerizing small businesses (early 90s) one … #

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