BenTrem tweeted on 2010-03-19

  • I’m sorry (No, wait, not apology) I reget to say it but … even w/such as HuffPost “keeping up” is like eating cotton candy … sugar buzz. #
  • Note to self: 1/2 way through duplicate 6Gig dir structure from machine A to B is lousy time to reboot A. *sigh* #
  • – Mmmmm …
    … as the Buddha… #
  • Afterthought / observation: “social benefit” deff has at least 2 senses. The strongest involves 0.00 posturing / sucking up / kissing a**. #
  • #FSX – After mnths/yrs struggling with dual-core 1.8 (16FPS) I flew my new box (quad-2.8 c/w5770) chopper landing at 48FPS … cake! *grin* #
  • @shannonseek – Key part of tech_docs skill-set is how to break the “neck spasm” cycle. Months of 60-hr wks makes it requisite. stay well! #
  • Glenn Beck is running for office in Iran? #
  • What Beck is saying is precisely what National Socialism taught about Jews … a cancer in the body politic, a blight on society. Fox = KKK. #
  • Pssssssst! Know what? Reason I’ve worked on discourse 35+yrs is to find the 10% of people who a) aren’t insane and b) think. *sigh* #boring #

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