BenTrem tweeted on 2010-03-18

  • #TellMeThis – Do you need to have a working prototype to get a patent? I say no. So: IP is in the design, not the implementation. Right? #
  • My point: so long as innovation in #Gov2.0 remains hostage to personality politics impementation will always lag behind real needs. #borg #
  • @adrielhampton I’d say folk have become dis-enchanted with portals; “false lights” syndrome: half-measures lead to cynicism / pessimism. #
  • Those who know how to manipulate agenda know that “fun” meetings matter greatly, to distract and maintain control. #MutualAdmiration #
  • Re-visiting #stoicisim; 2k+ yrs ago some appreciated that mere grasping for rank distorted our social processes. We’re today barbarians. #
  • Irony #42: people who don’t recognize group-think a) subscribe to homogeneity while b) professing diversity. #Balkanization #
  • I can understand why so many assertive people become bullies: dealing with others as peers is /terribly/ frustrating. Easier to dominate. #
  • And no, personality politics does not /always/ trump results and progress; money / power easily / normally trump them. #

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