BenTrem tweeted on 2009-08-14

  • Insanity: spend more than you earn, for decades, w/o consequence. And indulge shit-headed crackers, for decades, w/o consequence. *D’uhh!* #
  • #ersatz – @ekant has 14 tweets … no URL posted … and 5,300 Followers. So, really, Twitter reflects society in general i.e. it’s insane. #
  • If I could vote in US I would vote Dem. But my gawd, this is a rum show. “operatives’ political stupefaction” > < #
  • NYC mid-air collision: controller was on phone to GF; supervisor was out of the building. Their asses are grasses. #
  • Punt … nice catch … finds a crease … puts his head down and breaks the tackle … down to the 25. Goooo Esks! #
  • 14 plays in CGY TD drive. Esks come back and TD with 0:09 on the clock. Yaaaaaaaaaa! #
  • Once you can fake authentic you’ve got it made … Starbucks’ new corporate motto? #
  • Uh oh … Cat was vy, vy sick last night / this morning. Now he’s hidden. Somewhere. I dunno where. Sick, hidden, silent. 1 of 2 endings. #
  • @Woork – 9elements homepage is glorious! But no audio on that page. (no Follow / no DM / so sad) #
  • A tweet leads to FriendFeed which points to SocialMedian which links to Digg which, finally, give the article. #YuppiesKidz #

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