BenTrem tweeted on 2009-08-13

  • I’ve seen Fight Club a buncha times. Won’t watch it again. But … gotta watch the beginning. Til they fight. Often. It’s wunnerful. #
  • “The Reset Economy
    How the meltdown is an opportunity to get ourselves back on track.” > < Kurt Anderson #
  • Since inequality (income gaps) correlate directly w/strife and instability, isn’t it just stupid to buy into status quo? More: madness. #
  • @philcampbell – A distro that’s optimized for JS and ActionScript. That’s the bottleneck, no? Rendering scripts and complex CSS? #
  • Gave my venerable old MP3 player to Sam Cockrell when he came through town. Now have none. Hmmmm … iPod nano? #

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