BenTrem tweeted on 2009-07-23

  • #TourDeFrance – Armstrong in 2nd, -1:30 or so. But he’s a kinda guy. Can he pull a break-away? #
  • Scratch the surface and what do you find? sloth and dis-interest. #oligarchs #yuppies #matrix #borg #
  • a) Gates prolly got pissed off at a cocky cop, and b) Obama shudda STFU just now; he’s stepped in dog-shit. The cop prolly acted stupidly?! #
  • #TourDeFrance – Well … Contador is pulling away from Armstrong. Does Lance have a game plan? Could well be … could very well be. #
  • #TourDeFrance – Ayup … Contador shot his team-mate in the foot, and Lance puts the pedal to the metal. Awesome. #
  • #CheckMyWork – We can train for spread-sheet logic. Or we can use spread-sheet logic to educate decision makers. (And citizens!)) #
  • What’s “credentials”? Yaaa yaa, George Soros. But how about this: President and CEO of the Mayo Clinic. *blanche* Gawwwww … #
  • @rands Hear, hear! When (in avionics R&D) I heard “aim for good enough” I wanted to grab a gun. (No follow / no DM … so sad.) #
  • We rarely (if ever) attain our goals. So aiming for “good enough” => shipping crap. Meanwhile, “perfection is the enemy of the good” holds. #

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