BenTrem tweeted on 2009-07-22

  • #YEG – Premier flipping pancakes? Kewl. What about shelters so over-full they have to turn away young teenagers?! Petro-money sucks. #borg #
  • I just re-jigged my decision-support system as a pedagogical system. Kewlio! #
  • 2Gig of music and 1 song only gets me reaching for my djembe: Ben Harper and “So if you don’t like my fire, then ….” #
  • #CheckMyWork – Prof. Gates is arrested in his home for being beligerent, having to prove that he’s at home. I shout “entasis” … get it? #
  • … couldn’t paste that into Mashable. WTF … kidz playing with kidz to impress kidz. #
  • Too cool: 2 male chefs go off on Ramsey in Hell’s Kitchen, threatening assault. But I’m all wrong about “yuppies’ kidz”, right? Right?! heh #
  • @n8k99 Ok, next summer I’ll clamber up Mt Robson glacier w/my Remo and wait for you to join in! #
  • 10KM at 120BMP on a hot day; thank gawd for 18 speeds! (Tour de France? Impossible … cannot be done … nooooo way.) #

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