BenTrem tweeted on 2009-05-30

  • FYI/FWIW – DreamHost now offers Trac as 1-click install. #
  • Eeeeww – #WPMU gets bitch-slapped at DreamHost: called “resource hog” it seems they’ll now require it be on their Personal Server system. #
  • PBS on Uncle Sam’s use of torture. I’m not bummed that I’ve failed; I’m bummed that so few kept up the struggle for civil society. #matrix #
  • @marshallk – Get into doing small renovations … dandy way to unwind, as a hobby, and it works wonders with value / comfort. Truly! Enjoy #
  • @rww: Bmlet: An Online Directory of Bookmarklets SO MUCH FUN! (B’marklets are awesome; location bar as command line!) #
  • “Bookmarklet Directory” >
    < I tweeted this using TBuzz b’marklet from #
  • Oooh! Wrong window (WinAmp) when I hit ^H and *TaDa!* I got my listening history! Goooo figure. #
  • heh … went through a dry-spell last year; income bumped up recently … stayed with tight budget and *Hey! Presto!* I’m in the black! #
  • @playspymaster *pssssst* A friend of a friend tells me there’s *cough* a new way to waste my time. *nudge/wink* #
  • @mvizdos – Have you used #Micro-ISV as a target group? > < (Google Book by Bob Walsh) #
  • ReTw @12stepbuddhist: Read about Rinpoche’s teaching on the nature of mind in May’s e-letter < (@LYWA said) #
  • For the record: >
    > #security #WP #
  • As though someone cares: WP Weekly is still streaming >
    < #
  • Do you rock WP? http:// #
  • @cameronreilly I just spent 4 hours looking at Jeffro and friends on TalkShoe. I suspect your view was more edifying. ;-) #
  • “Rich Snippets give users convenient summary information about their search results at a glance.” > < (GoogleWebmaster) #
  • Since we’re on a food meme: plums. (Scotch on the side.) #
  • Listening to soundtracks … sorry, nuthin beats SuperPredators (Metal Postcard) by Massive Attack in “Jackal”. #music #
  • Mmmm … “Training Session” by Harry Gregson-Williams in “Spy Game” … SuperPredators is second. #music #
  • Or, come to think of it, the end titles in “Oswald’s Ghost” by Gary Lionelli. #music #
  • Thanks to CBC Radio “Spark”: “Sustainability: Science, Practice, & Policy”; open-access journal > < 1 of 2 #
  • Thanks to CBC Radio “Spark”: Urban farming > < 2of2 #
  • #NHL – ok … sorry @QueenofSpain but it’s Pengs all the way. *gulp* #
  • #NHL – Shouts to @pghpenguins #
  • @davemcclure I retype those and append “no Follow = no DM; so sad!” #

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