BenTrem tweeted on 2009-04-30

  • @h3athrow Millions of people had that stuff as kids … regularly … all winter long. *blechk!* #
  • @wbm WordPress plugins comprise a pretty rich garden of delight, and lots (more and more?) use jQuery. #
  • @strutting “Good” beer is inoffensive; fine beer (like my home-brew, “Fail Whale Pale Ale”) is a delight. cheers! #
  • ReTw @mndoci via @tabdon: Too cool (Too bad it doesn’t actually shorten!) #
  • @pierre Also significant: we assume Arctic pack was melting along edges; now knowing it’s also thinning, the end will be sudden. #
  • Civility and society – you don’t outrage other’s dignity and then expect fruitful collaboration. Not honestly. Not unless you’re insane. #
  • Ayup, yuppies’ kidz are even worse than their parents; 6th time in 2 weeks Vista requires Restart Repair, then Dell’s tech support is 404. #
  • Justice and fairness are not abstractions. They are not done in generalities; they are done in particulars. The web is /such/ a fraud! #
  • New to me – and #
  • @alisamleo Just reading dead-tree edition of InformationWeek; USA lags others in broadband. #
  • Foundations of civility – Can a person criticize ambition and greed without sounding like a flake? Then why is our community a cesspool? #

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