BenTrem tweeted on 2009-04-29

  • @technosailor “Guns drawn” is not the same as “Guns pointed” … that’s not reporting, bro’. #
  • Damn … I gotta lehrn how tuh spehl. #
  • I have to say it … speaking strictly I detect a dis-inclination to deployment/implementation. I.e characteristic of mutual-admiration. #
  • Someone tweeting 100% self-promotion (web marketing … big surprise); their profile shows 44,242 Followers. I rest my case. #
  • Vista updated itself. I know it did: color scheme sucks, POP3 fails, and Twhirl won’t launch. F’n Microsoft! #
  • 45 frustrating minutes restoring Desktop settings. Vista reminds me of Win95 … trash. Dear Microsoft: you’re everything that’s wrong. #
  • 100 Days – Biggest change for me is that I now spend 0.00% of my time on Obama / WhiteHouse sites and projects. We need real participation. #
  • @socialcoop “What kind” in 140chars or less? heh Anyhow, I’ve talked all that through elsewhere … decade after decade. But tks for New … #
  • Fact is, I can’t trust a man who doesn’t bring his dog to heel. (Yes I mean Obama … that dog is a badly behaved as Vista.) #

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