BenTrem tweeted on 2009-03-24

  • #StreetInterview “How much $/m to live comfortably; 4 answers: $5K, $2K, $25K, and $1.6K. $150/yr or $60K to be “comfortable”?! #yuppies #
  • “Building cob house is available to anyone”. Yaa, sure … 18-24months of food, rent, and expense w/o income. Sure sure. (F’n yuppies!) #
  • @TSHowell “For the record” I just followed you. ;-p peek … feeling up to an IT project? #
  • Darn … someone I know from Twitter is into BPM and frameworks … but who?! > < #
  • Instead of metaphysical claptrap Religion should be dealing with bullies, cheats, liars, and psychopaths. But that’d be disruptive. heh #
  • Uh-oh … finally getting comfortable with WordPress core, I’m yet.again being seduced by Alfresco. #
  • Weird: I can imagine getting paid to do a technical audit on a complex system. But for a shelf full of solutions? No interest. #Pathology #
  • @SamLawrence Speak, oh muse … I could use a sign of sentient life on planet earth. #
  • @SamLawrence Tease … next round of scotch is on you. ;-p #
  • Atlassian is pretty hep, nae? Cuz their features list strikes me as hot shit … for 1997. *Mehhhh!* #
  • Ahar! White whale off the starboard bow! Looks like Alfresco is Java. *triggers trap door* #
  • @shiva Oooooh dewd … sounds like Bangra, but isn’t. Hot, hot hot!! ReTw tamil music > < #music #beats #worldbeats #
  • @shiva Old is also good. *grin* Thanks, I will, for sure. Bookmarking it now. p.s. < CBC Radio 2 *grin* #
  • @shiva For a haunting female vocal line, one of my trax: Darshan Too. #
  • @trishussey I’m still using TweetDeck as wallpaper on monitor 2, with Twhirl running on #1. #
  • In Praise of Status Quo” – Prosperity rewarded the elite while benefiting those who haul wood and draw water. We have an energy plan. &t … #
  • @andersoncooper Here’s a joke for you: your style reminds me of CBC Radio circa ’74; “information radio”. (I was MCR.) But you talk faster. #
  • “Quality of life” … just words, right? Right? No … not just words. see #
  • Eeeeeewwww! Twitter’s “Too many tweets!” = “Go back and re-write the DM from scratch. No fun. #
  • New to me: “knowledge” at Wharton business school/UPenn > < (thanks to Brian Robinson aka @br524) #
  • ReTw @markjaquith: Student? Enjoy developing for WordPress? Want to get paid to do it over the summer? [Oooh!] #
  • #CogPsych – If folk see someone cheat and win, they will cheat more often. But if that person is from a group they don’t like, then less. #
  • New to me: “knowledge” at Wharton business school/UPenn > http://knowledge.wharton.up... < (thanks to Brian Robinson aka @br524) #
  • @CarloAtYourServ Forgiven; _no es problema_. #
  • This is fabulous: “Joss Whedon’s Plan to Monetize Internet Content” > < (Wharton.Upenn) #
  • “Jaroslav Tulach’s Practical API Design” (InfoQ … this site rocks!) > < #
  • “Jaroslav Tulach’s ‘Practical API Design'” (InfoQ … this site rocks!) > < see also #

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