BenTrem tweeted on 2009-03-23

  • 60Minutes w/PotUS – I said before the election: so okay, what if he isn’t a heroic figure; what if he’s “just” a good, able and honest man. #
  • Too funny … an expert in “Postmodern-Social Construction Collaborative Practices” can’t even put a <title> on her homepage. #yuppies #
  • Interview with “expert” on employee time usage … sez she knows because “we just started our social web presence”. Right. #yuppies #
  • “taboo” … anything that sheds light on how yuppiness is all about sucking up, plausible deniability, and passive aggression. Cowardly BS. #
  • To see things as they are: AIG paid premiums so the corp. would not fail. Now the Fed is paying premium so the nation doesn’t fail. *shrug* #

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