BenTrem tweeted on 2009-01-22

  • #TV “House” rocks. (Now, if Obama’s yuppies would loosen their wigs I might be doing something substantial.) #
  • #tennis Nadal is spanking Karanusic … and K’s made some shots. #
  • Apple’s getting slicker yet: my Update for QuickTime included “iTunes? Safari?”, which is cool. I said Yes/No. It installed both. *pffft!* #
  • Kidz … children. (I am too long in the tents of the barbarians!) Dismiss Powell’s doctrine, but heed his words to UN? Stalemate = death. #
  • @n8k99 Sweet. I just ran iPod on my berimbao collection. cheers! #
  • @StevenWalling Grok GG&S? Seek out “Open Veins of Latin America”. 30yrs old, it’s a classic. (no Follow; no DM. so sad) #
  • #CheckMyWork – How’s this: if you neither do justice nor love mercy then I may end your mortal life. Dunno … works for me. (NB: “may”) #
  • Having listened to Schumer (D), I’d opine thusly: #Obama delivered, in effect, a State of the Union Address. Wunnerful. #
  • @shanselman I’ve tried to wrangle FF and found it ?what? kinda unproductive. If you ace it, pls do let me / us know! #
  • How dumb/ignorant/narrow/stupuhd are today’s yuppie millionares? Ambric couldn’t raise $10M > < so will close. #borg #

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