BenTrem tweeted on 2009-01-21

  • Most say “Get more, have more, control more, consume more” but some say, “Do justice. And love mercy.” #change #
  • Ass conservatives are chiming in: “beginning to wonder if we have Black Panthers in the White House” #ass #
  • @rockingjude Ah, there we go! Project says so little about who the person is. I follow people, not their projects. #
  • Netroots Nation: Internet Advocacy Roundtable; DC 21JAN09 > < #
  • To the “Christians” calling Obama a marxist wondering about Black Panthers: be true to yourself; call him nigger, call for race war. #STFU #
  • Under the cover of conciliation and bi-partisanship Conservative crack-pots will swarm into the light. The under-currents of “change”. #
  • So many crushed by dictators and despots; Reagan’s “government /is/ the problem” represents the worst self-centered ignorance. #cranks #
  • #marketing NexTel’s ad for BlackBerry Curve is a slightly.funny depiction of fascism in daily life, tracking a kid’s minute movements. #borg #
  • Wow, Rev. Watson’s voice is more irritating even than Hillary’s. (Hint: Don’t hit syllable with a ball-peen hammer.) #

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