BenTrem tweeted on 2008-12-16

  • #WP “jQuery UI is made up of many individual components” … yoiks. So I can’t just call jQ w/o concern. *meh* #
  • Everytime I get a “Xyyzz is Following you” from Diigo I have to make an effort to recall what that site gives me. #
  • Secretary-designate Daschle > < “Your Turn to Lead” #
  • #Obama My suggestion concerning Daschle’s “Health Care Discussion” > < #ParticipatoryDeliberation #
  • @jfedor Oooooh, there are lists on the web / in books that really, really, really want that added. Precious! *beam* #
  • ReTw @jfedor: 6 year old singing “walking in my winter underwear” couldn’t compose myself to correct him [Write this one down!] #
  • Having to restart #Vista in SafeMode. Such a load of crap! M$ runs a ponzi scheme: we pay then they try to make their crap work. #
  • Sadly, ain’t worth dog-poop. Search gave no results, so searched for something from 3hrs ago. No results. #
  • 1st Aptana ticket. *scratch on the cat. cat objects. scratch on the wall* #
  • #StrawPoll – Working PHP/MySQL/jQuerry with WP … Ecplise w/plugins? Or Aptana Studio? (If there are replies I’ll re-do on google.) #
  • @giyen -15C / 5F here … I bet I’d swap and you wouldn’t. ;-) #
  • NB: I like Sphere; this ain’t a slam. Test: find controversy (@timoreilly’s “google on manual” and Sphere it => junk. #
  • #Obama and company have started a new site: … #PresidentialInauguration #

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