BenTrem tweeted on 2008-12-15

  • @Scabr There’s a ton of good discussion on [WP-Hackers], really hashing out how to apply GPL. #
  • #Obama Concept: easy for the Neo-realists to flick a switch/swap one groundless fiction for another. How about “Change” as in “course”?! #
  • Stride gum commercial c/w ram. I laughed. Whopper hamburger commercial. I lauged. 2 outta 3 ain’t bad. #
  • 50c on game awards. Hell, I’d give $2 for sumthin’like RATM. #
  • @disqus I mentionned to @changeforge how his install really impressed me … vy nice feature set. Keep on keepin’on! #
  • @SIGEPJEDI No follow => no DM … so sad. #
  • @dweekly RFE: lockers are fixed; have “kit bag” w/name and laundry processes, to stash (in the back) while not in use. #
  • Just had a Rome: Total War session … soooo nice to get away from 1st person shooter format! #
  • Isn’t that dandy. DreamHost just blew away almost 3 years of work … main directory completely deleted. #

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