BenTrem tweeted on 2008-12-10

  • #FF2 Anyone running FireFox2 on Vista? I may have found a UI bug. Please DM. #
  • Wow, this site’s easy: “Help us help the world; register here.” Gee golly shucks, shurr am glad I don’t have a thought in my head! #
  • Gawwwwwwwwwwd this weather woman’s voice! All I here is “gnanga.gnyang gnang.gnangy.gnanga.gnyanga gnyang gnang gnyang …” #
  • #silly I just used “search your machine” on the google toolbar. Woa, years of collecting primary documents = early Christmas present! #
  • Some folk are truly heroic: palliative care for neo-nates … #
  • How perverse … day after day, nothing in my History is crap. #
  • #FF2 Anyone running FireFox2 on Vista? I may have found a UI bug. Please DM. #
  • !light reading: Bush Sr’s view on New World Order: (Scribd) #
  • Note to self: the metal pan on which the chicken parts are sitting under the broiler … it’s hot. *Oooh that’s gonna leave a mark.* #
  • @ourfounder If I was good at what I do I would have the link for blog post “Putting an end to social gaming”, but I don’t. *face/porridge* #
  • see @nextweblog’ “Stop social gaming” > < and via @clarocada : “Mr. Tweet; build relationships” > http://mrtw#
  • Buy: Nortel (down 25%) … you won’t see me tipping vy often, but this is insane. #
  • GOP can now gloom-doom nae-say without fear of consequence. White trash crackers spewing their bile on anything positive. #
  • @change_gov Good to see you in TwitterVille. (Does your FeedBack form accept Postal Code yet?) #
  • @change_gov BTW thanks for email ack of my comments. But uhhh “The Email you entered is not registered.” … database frabbed? #
  • “we begin the work of making the world we leave our children a little bit better” < / OpenForQuestions # … #
  • uh-ohhh #obama “Obama’s “Way-to-Go, Brownie!” Moment?” ( > < #
  • “Murder” of 15yr old boy. Horse-shit … the warning shot ricocheted and killed him. Lamentably, maybe criminal … but not murder! #
  • “Anarchist” tactic: throw petrol bomb and run. #punks My/our tactic: take over an office, lock down and see things through to the end. #

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