BenTrem tweeted on 2008-12-09

  • “Dell: Want XP? That’ll be $150 please!” ( > < [I soooo wanted to get a laptop b4 Vista took over.) #
  • Note to self: paste copied data before copying another block. (20 minutes blown away *Mehhh!*) #
  • #NKS Wanna do something truly different next summer? > < WolframScience summer course #
  • Ever kewl! Friends I knew as flamenco troupe years ago in a little club are on national TV right now! > < #
  • Geek in charge of a major paper’s online presence tells me he follows only folk from work; “I’m very tribal”, as though achievement. #
  • ReTw @OriginalSignal: MS Releases OS Blogging Platform [see also Oomph: Microformats Toolkit] #
  • Dear Vox – I just came to my photos page. Can you say why you hide the UpLoad link? Is it because SixApart are lamer yuppies’ kidz? #
  • p.s. Hey MicroSloth, did I mention your OS sucks? Must be nice to make so much money for so much bad work, causing so many so much grief. #
  • Oh I see, my mistake was to use Firefox on a SixApart site while running Vista. Wildly self-destructive, that’s me. *f’n yuppies kidz!* #
  • Dubya sez that now is the time for Mugabe to leave power in Zimbabwe. Strong indication that this is a time for patience. #
  • huh huh huh under “Uploading Photos” in Help SixApart begins by explaining what photos are. Haaaaaaaaaaaha freakin’ lamerz. #
  • Amazing! login doesn’t work on IE … “Loaded, but errors in page”. SixApart gets 2nd place on my “You suck” list. #

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