BenTrem tweeted on 2008-11-26

  • Just thought of this: reactionaries won’t allow the “re-definition of marriage”. But those high-brow crackers will re-define science. #borg #
  • #Obama Using FaceBook to kick-start issues > < “Repower America: Save our climate AND our economy” #
  • Gawwwwd I love me. 1:40AM and I segue from Vajrayana chants w/electronica to Miles Davis in Japan (1981). Kidz don’t know how to party. #
  • @MParekh But really, under the Asus headline, that’s a story about how M$ (Yes, Our Holy Saviour Mr. Bill Gates) is fascistic. Just to say. #
  • @igori Why do you start all your Tweets with “Igori Wheels”? You think we’re stupid / ignorant / clumsy? You’re crewd, dewd. SL BS aside. #
  • How precious: An A-list type tweets about holding a CD. Fucked? Totally fucked? Irremediably fucked? *sigh* #

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