BenTrem tweeted on 2008-11-25

  • Wooo me! I just used the Add Result button in Google (“dean baker” “center policy economics research” didn’t reveal *D’uhh!*) #
  • Tooo funny! Tried to let know that they’re throwing Expired Certificate alerts but huh huh they rejected my email. #SNAFU #
  • #RadioDrama – Anybody here do theatre/writing/poetry or documentaries? I got a concept for a radio piece that could also be staged. #vietnam #
  • @howardweaver Greets – I liked the way you shouted out to @jeffjarvis … proper thing. cheers #
  • @marshallk If you’re up to it, document Bush’s last days; betcha he rolls back a buncha environmental regulations. A dark night to come. #
  • @dankeldsen What a neat avatar! Kinda Clark Kent-ish but w/o the wuss factor. Sweet! :-) #
  • What does “airborne-trained infantry” have to do with ahimsa and non-violence? > < #
  • @rww I’ve got nuthin’ against @benbarren Richard, just … not sure I can trust anybody who’s profile points to ;-P #
  • ‘nite all #
  • @michaelreuter *blink* and a very fine day to you, Michael. (Yoiks, there’s other critters in this space!) #
  • What does “airborne-trained infantry” have to do with ahimsa and non-violence? > < #
  • *stayed up to watch re-play of Paul Simon on Colbert Report* “Heroes Page” > < [painfully Web1.0] #
  • #FearAndLoathing – Most meaningful to me is that #Obama’s web-team is incomunicado. [SP] That’s Latin for “walled and shuttered”, fuckwad. #
  • #NeoRealism – Steven Colbert deserves cred for making sumthin’o’nuthin. But “King of the Hill”? /Arch/. Too true for yuppies’ kidz to grok. #
  • Quick, choose: someone who sees best advantage and moves fast? or someone who can’t be bought? (Easy answer? Then you’re dangerous. heh) #
  • Combined 3 prototypes (CSS panels / JS functions) into mockup of final page. Nothing broke. *waits* Nothing broken. *waits* Still working! #

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