BenTrem tweeted on 2008-11-17

  • Dear NetVibes: since I’m logged in there, in that tab, why are you displaying “Join NV now!” in this widget tab here? *sigh* Dis-heartening. #
  • Oooh! Diigo has group widgets! > < #
  • #SemanticWeb > <> (W3C) <> (Yahoo) #
  • How bad is #Vista? Cut dozens of folders from one folder; paste into another folder. Original folders remain. M$ can’t even program /cut/. #
  • Ponder this: a) M$ produces crap, b) M$ becomes wealthy, and then c) Bill Gates gets to act like Great White Hope. #fucked #
  • How bad is #Vista? a) order Documents by name, b) set view to Documents, c) select “All folders / sub-folders”, d) check … find subs diff. #
  • How bad is #Vista? Cutting folders / pasting shows “9mins 45seconds” … done in 15 seconds. Totally amateur. #
  • How bad is #Vista? MicrSloth programmers think that “Cut” means “Copy”. And for that they get paid. Go figure. #
  • How bad is #Vista? A folder I cut 10 minutes ago still displays in the left panel. It’s gone from the right, but still appears in the tree. #
  • Pain, and suffering too: consolidating files from 3 laptops, 2 pcs, 4 thmbdrives all into a new box. Ghastly. Horrid. Tooth-breaking. #
  • The benefits of sanity: moving hundreds of DIRs and hundreds of files from 5 boxes and multiple devices, 0 version conflicts. *Nail basics!* #

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