BenTrem tweeted on 2008-11-16

  • @tradingnothing There was a collection of those. Like on a hair dryer, “Do not use in shower or bath.” #
  • An up-beat story! “A New Generation, Poised to Reinvent” > < NYTimes Business #
  • Do folk read? None of the email llists on the Obama site use archives. *Write once / read not* #
  • A truth is only true when it’s uttered by or acknowledge and approved by one of the elect … and we wonder why body politic is corrupt?! #
  • #geek “Introduction to Dynamic Programming” > < #
  • #geek “Data Management, Facebook-style > < #
  • Web-savy president? Obama’s web site is the worst place to find news. Shows that yuppies really / truly / actually don’t give a fuck. #
  • Marketing w/o cartoons=marketing. Marketing c/w cartoons=marketing + cartoons. *”Buy me! No matter what you do, I’ll help you buy others!”* #
  • I used to joke that yuppies would have gotten jobs teaching concentration camp staff aroma-therapy. In global gulag that’s becoming true. #
  • WiFi home thermostats … now, tell me that yuppies aren’t just plain insane. #
  • @igori Dropped by your office in SL the other day. Just to say hello. (no Follow => no DM. so sad) #
  • Suspended work on my Obama web project. Top-down A-list types have scuttled any hope of real “change”. #
  • I don’t mind that the majority of A-list types blither about trivialities. I’m offended that they’re mindless of it. They’re citizens. #
  • @ScottMaentz “Hoping” is how you keep people “on side” and idle. I.e. same old same-old / business as usual / SOP. #
  • Q: If the A-list is so damned smart why aren’t they helping make things transparent? A: they don’t give a damn. >
  • Bottom line: A-list types have made their bones w/clever schmooze and cartoons. Why risk it all actually getting things done?! Too messy. #
  • If anybody gave a damn they could show that Obama’s “communications strategy” is actually what A-listers preach: inform and then ignore. #
  • A 3hr session on #Vista. Pages are taking 30 seconds+ to load in Firefox. I need to re-boot. (3GigRAM / dual-core). My hate for M$ is real. #
  • Suspended work on my Obama web project. Top-down A-list types have scuttled any hope of real “change”. #

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