BenTrem tweeted on 2008-10-03

  • Resentment! Migrated T’bird; IMAP inbox empty. OOffice; AutoSpell on; it doesn’t. Vista burps, re-arranges d’top. FF2 sez “incomp w/3”. #
  • You say /tomato/ I say _tomato_ … missed the VP debate to watch our leaders debate. Republican / parliamentary. #circus #
  • #Vista Preparing for XAMPP, I create another user. (Working logged in as Admin is vulnerable.) Consequence? re-create tons of stuff. *sigh* #
  • Who knew?! My trusty old Panasonic E70 is lookin’fine at 1400X1050 (dual with my laptop 1280X800) #
  • #VistaMonster Yes, this action req’s Admin perms. But pls note: I _am_ logged in as Admin. *sigh* #XAMPP #
  • Mommy’s little helper > < p.s. I’m loaded for bear! > < (*nix boxes in the corner) #

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