BenTrem tweeted on 2008-10-02

  • I’m regressing to the mean: I find psychopaths’ charm more attractive than the alternative. *I’z gonna retire to Mt. Robson, ohh yes I iz* #
  • Watching the fight real time I say, “Dewd, you gotta /explode/!”. Post-hoc, top UFC fighter comments, “Do that? You gotta explode.” Yaa. #
  • #Vista written in China? “With UAC please avoid to install XAMPP to …”. M$ is pathological. And I’m a loser. *Bring on Formula1 rules!* #
  • Trust M$ to interfere with Apache/MySQL/PHP installations … cultural hegemony … schmoozers win. Jesus, you people piss me off. #
  • Because this new laptop is running Vista, I have to hand-tweak Apache. Pathological. And the US is gonna win a fighting war. Likely? *pfft!* #
  • Something’s not right with the inter-tubes … I mustRPTmust fix it. > < #
  • #RunningWithScissors Merging two Thunderbird profiles … IMAP and POP3 both … like juggling chainsaws. #

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