BenTrem tweeted on 2008-09-15

  • Nice. *Not!!* Backed up rarely listened tunes to CD last night, 6Gig. All good. This morning? All show a single 1K CDA file. Tunes are gone. #
  • @rhh My major thesis concerning “The Right”: prime motive is to judge and condemn the “other” i.e punitive. see “scapegoat psychology”. #
  • “Once in a century fall in value.” Now why don’t we ask ourselves, “How did I rationalize people making bundles just shuffing paper?” #borg #
  • Basically, yuppies thrive in the cracks. “Rule of law”? Willful ignorance, plausible deniability … all the integrity of maggots. #matrix #
  • @ricksanchezcnn Some luck, but more structure; 1 cut corner = collapse. 1 part collapses, the whole thing falls. Like Wall St. heh #
  • @rhh RFE: s / “away from attending to their real needs” / something like “abstract real needs then confound those w/prideful SuperEgo” #
  • #reverie Creating 2nd Mandelbrot scope (1st was ML on C=64) on DOS w/Fortran (math), C (mouse/graphics) and QB4.5 for GUI. That was fun. #

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