BenTrem tweeted on 2008-09-13

  • #ike #hurricane For blow by blow (sorry!) by Austin American-Statesman follow @TrackingIke (see #
  • #ike #hurricane NHC warns of possible Force 4 winds at height posing substantial risk to high-rises. ( #
  • FWIW: I was in a Force 4 … I sat out on the porch watching until one of the trees along our street literally exploded from the gusts. #
  • Reality test: Can you use UML? Have you done machine language? assembler? No? Then take your Ruby and STFU. Or not. heh #
  • @vanelsas @tariqkrim Sooooo nice to hear the voice of EU … reminds one that we are on a globe. 4hrs ago was ham radio w/NL. #
  • huh huh … yuppies’ kidz experiencing phenomenon cyberly. When I was a kid I’d snow-shoe into blizzards, just ferr fuhn. #wankers #
  • @loudmouthman *blink” “Use” and UML in the same sentence?! *wh00t!* I’ll spider you soon. (After APL I learned Z80 ass … foundational!) #
  • CNN talking about “the eye”. My memory of Force4: long minutes of praeternatural calm. Cosmic … ayup, cosmic. #
  • @loudmouthman *shrug* Realpolitik … feckless twits and sophists only trip me up. See you on @technosailor’s TalkShoe tomorrow? ^5 #
  • *typo* @loudmouthman = 24/7 yeaa? *grin* Aaron’s on at 20:00 PDT (0300Z?) IIRC. … must. cheers /|\ #

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