BenTrem tweeted on 2008-09-03

  • Remembering 1994/95 with and #
  • News: two 4000 yr old ice-shelves / CDN arctic collapse in a matter of days. F’n yuppies did to corp’culture as they did with 9/11 security #
  • Facts and actualities; historiography shows that the winners write history, and cog-psysh shows how bias skews “schema”. Ergo: nobody cares #
  • Best evidence that #Pallin is a “reformer”: GOP hacks _say_ she is. *Woe. Woe, I say. And doom.* #
  • FaceBook declares “has been identified as a malicious site” “McCain’s Voice Mail to #Palin Leaked to Press” #
  • #RNC Q: “What impresses you about Palin?” A: “She’s a mom who loves her family, and she rides motorcycle.” *Woe. Woe, I say. And doom.* #
  • #RNC #troglodytes Remember: sacrifice of blood&treasure was req’d in Vietnam cuz if Commies won, Asia would collapse. (Oh, no, wait, uhhh) #

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