BenTrem tweeted on 2008-09-02

  • #Gustav reported as “still hurricane strength”. My M3U from today’s ops: #
  • Woa! The guys from the ISP who rode out Katrina did it again! (Boy, that was an awful piece of work.) #
  • Sooo much pseudo; a firm bragging of agility, but tab-designed homepage is 100% Web1.0. 80/20 rule helps charismatic poseurs rule. #borg #
  • Know what? I think web status quo suits folk, as individuals; disconnected and vaguely autistic, rarely any slight challenge to solipsism. #
  • @chrisbrogan Projects like comms for volunteer response to Gustav makes a great reality check … beta-test society/community. #
  • It totally blows me away how high-profile hot-shots actually do really crappy work. Pisses me of, decades of cleaning up their cruft. #
  • See, point is, in reality (think alpine … or front lines in Iraq) sloppy charismatics get fragged. In E2.0? flattered / promoted. #matrix #
  • @adelemcalear The charismatic get flattered … how many hours actually doing the work? #aparatchik #oligarchs #pencil-pushers #schmooze #
  • Now, see, I have an unfair advantage: in airborne-infantry, in the Arctic, in the Rockies. Urbanity / sophist-ication? Self-validating myth #
  • #Gustav – number of advisoryies down to 34; off-shore advisories are now zero; down-graded to Tropical Storm. NW 12MPH. #
  • @mkrigsman You might enjoy going through Tashi delek! #
  • Nice … stations from Mobile and NOLA chiming in one after another with thanks to ops and net controls. Gustav is a wrap! #
  • Tooooo funny: while I spent hours transcribing Gustav radio traffic and editing wiki pages others were mesmerized by #shinygooglebrowser #
  • Hey, YUPPIE, you happy with personality politics? you profited by neo-realism? Congrats: Sarah Palin within a heartbeat of president. #borg #
  • #palin Anti-choice, pro-gun, can’t manage her own family. (‘scuze me, I raised 4 daughters) … the new AmeriKKKa is on the horizon. #
  • @shelisrael Shel, I’m sure you realize how totally naive that list is. No sign of social-psych / awareness. What about “image management”? #
  • Sad truth: culture now self-validates those who proclaim, “Ah! The emperor’s new clothes are magnificent!” #borg #oligarchs #matrix #
  • < A list that hows how “social networking” is anything but social in nature. (Sociopathological? Psychopathic?) #
  • @guykawasaki Bet it’s cuz you’ve got <a class=’rsswidget’ after <li> #
  • #amerikkka “Democracy Now!’s Amy Goodman [and others] Released After Illegal Arrest at RNC” [democracynow_org] #
  • #tennis (3rd re-tweet) Fabulous the way qualifiers have made ranked players run for the money e.g. Muller/Davidienko #

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