BenTrem tweeted on 2008-08-09

  • Olympic opening ceremonies. I can only think of how many own half-million dollar homes filled with a king’s ransom while kidz drink sewage. #
  • Pathology: he lists neither blog nor name, follows 1,992 yet 23 people follow him back. > #
  • @pfanderson “Follow back everyone” indeed, but not as excuse; as shameless. Follow everyone = actually follow nobody. #hucksterism #
  • (bis) Will you show me your Wordle if I show you mine? > < #cloud #
  • #spammers Note how many following /slightly/ less than 2K; note how so many have less than (say) 200 followers. #forensic #
  • Hot (32C) … lunch: cucumber/green onion sandwich and brothy soup (sauteed ground beef and onion + brocc, cauliflower). Cost? mebbe 75c #
  • #incredible. Write an article on Russia/Georgia. Make it 4 pages. Get it published in NYTimes. > < < #
  • With China fascist, and Putin is free to show his true colors, charging genocide as he attacks Georgia. > & … #

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