BenTrem tweeted on 2008-08-08

  • @RichBecker Reality: while you blithely fantasize about a full tank, the actuality manifest and your car sputters to a stop, out of gas. #
  • Problem: individuals making fortunes as business people are, as persons, basically wrong about the fundamental nature of reality. #
  • @RichBecker “The gas has no value” without a gas gauge? If I don’t check the gas gauge, my car will run out even with a full tank? *D’uhh!* #
  • @RichBecker Too true, Rich; you never said there was none, but only steadfastly refused to acknowledge that there was, i.e. never agreed. #
  • @ourfounder Very nice; so … the Zen/ would be? To engage w/o embracing and en-thrallment? The “hoarding” makes folk reactive! #
  • Will you show me your Wordle if I show you mine? > < #

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