BenTrem tweeted on 2008-08-02

  • U student, responding to survey, “Do you head for snack after TV commercial?”: “Gee, hadn’t thot of that. It’s, like, sub-consc.” *D’uhh!* #
  • Sleaze-merchants: get folk into connecting w/classmates, then charge you to read signatures. #
  • @ev Y’all should get into DIY; if you don’t have time to brew your own beer then you’re just toooo busy. #
  • (bis) Bet ya 26 o’scotch that kidz at “Kwippy” will block my comment to their blog > < #
  • @biz see my @ev re: beer in the fridge > < #
  • @timoreilly re: @wesabe … a remarkably fresh attitude! > < #
  • Ingredients: chicken quarters, onion, garlic, sage, oregano, pre-cooked rice, elbow-grease, heat. Stew / sautee, sort/peel, combine. Store. #
  • @dahowlett Colour me purple with … no, wait. Colour me green w/envy. Mere functionality leads to “rabbit poison”; all protein, no fat. #
  • @chrisbrogan Summize shows @tibbon to be right innocuous. see #
  • /me bets he could get @ev or @biz to ban him right quick, except he knows they don’t listen to him at all. #
  • (bis) A deep belief: my cohort (yuppie sellouts) raised kidz who are as though brain-damaged. A book! > < #
  • I left the monastery 15 years ago on the off-chance I could do something. I achieved my design. Now? The war of attrition. *no joy* #
  • Checking out Abode ProMeeting > < #
  • @factoryjoe Audio is down by at least 6dB. Right tasty, but wey low. #
  • re-tweet: “My account was just deleted without warning, notice or apparent reasoning.” > < [@unbanTibbon] #
  • re-tweet: @unbanTibbon “When you get a chance can you find out why my account @tibbon is banned?” #
  • Haaaaa! Digg’s comment form doesn’t scroll! _Poseurs_ … yuppies’ kidz; as though brain-damaged. #
  • @edwardvielmetti Working on foundational stuff re: social software I noted that it all has a psychopath’s lack of accountability. #driveby #
  • #WhoKnew?! Mountain Equipment Co-op is hosting videos!! > < #
  • @technosailor And also ! BTW: “grizzled”? I’ve been here since ’72. What am I; merely “asshole”. *shrug* #
  • Day by day, inch by inch, row by row, I come closer to adopting the fascists’ world-view. The butt-fuck stupidity that’s traded as insight! #
  • Some religious-right thinker is gonna shake his head and sweep you all away. At the barricades we were’nt trite. You are what else but? #
  • How about this: any damned asshole can sharpen his sword; men survey their community to identify friend and foe. #
  • Intelligent children born to feckless yuppies might just discover the conjunction of virtue and virtuosity … and then they’d get it wrong. #
  • Clever children, mislead by BS about buddhadharma and compassion, masturbate with social software, and fret … and agonize … lost. #
  • NB: it isn’t up to me to make it explicit; you are, as you do and as you speak, the new fascism. Is simply to. *shrug* #

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