BenTrem tweeted on 2008-08-01

  • My idea of “vegetarian” delight: build a small salad; layout on 2 slices of good bread. Add 1 layer thin-sliced meat. Option: egg / cheese #
  • Retweet @cubrilovic via @dahowlett: Dear Twitter – None of the #FollowWhores possibly read tweets from 3k+ people, so cap their ass! #
  • Field goad from the 51; suck /that/ up! #
  • Thought back to the last convo I had with someone who wasn’t merely solipsistic, who gave 1 damn about something. 3 weeks ago … x-SAS. #
  • A long-held belief: my cohort (narcissistic sellouts) raised kidz who are as though brain-damaged. A book! >
  • … a B2B portal, apparently. Should I care? #

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