BenTrem tweeted on 2008-07-18

  • Holy shit; all these years fixated Mt. Robson, never realized a) Great Divide and b) head of the Fraser. #
  • BreakingNews: RCMP line re tazer untrue. Trivia: you gag on me cuz I’m “crudely true”; I gag on you cuz you’re BS. Who empowered Pinochet?! #
  • Now serving: fresh picked raspberries +sweet cream / navy rum (Ah-lha! To be a pauper in the city! Ohhh woe!!) #
  • Gawd Plaxo’s pretentious … “/real/ friend?” Yaaa, right. Not merely years of web acquaintance. We do Sunday dim sum regularly. prats #
  • 60mins of Neil Young on Charlie Rose. “It’s about staying open.” But of course y’all are past masters of that. Or “gone beyond”. heh #
  • “Let’s impeeeeeach | the preeeesident | for lyin’ …” *shrug* Don’t blame me. It’s that flakey asshole Neil Young. *wankers* #
  • Now, of course, frankly I’d say you’re a buncha mercenary crypto-fascist lackies. Facts as I see them. But why would I waste electrons?! #
  • (bis) Hey, you’re clever people: _homo ludens_. *And I expect this crop to get enthused about _glasperlenspiel_. Fool, I am.* #
  • Cheney in his true guise (JPG): < #
  • I gave up clowning (after SigInt) for IT; how dumb am I?! > Clandestine Insurgent Rebel [clownarmy_org] #
  • @xxdesmus Good one! “build a lifestream on your own server. Like Tumblr [and others] but self hosted.” #

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