BenTrem tweeted on 2008-07-17

  • Oooh … tornado watch. (I’m in central Alberta!) “Global warming is cyclical, normal, and beneficial” yaaaaa right. Damned fools. #
  • Am I getting jaded? JibJab’s “Time For Some Campaignin'” held my attention for something south of 20 seconds. #
  • Found a site where actual libertarians are actually talkin’; my reward for putting up with y’all instead of shrivelling up like s’posed to. #
  • If you aren’t allergic to Earth Charter then you might appreciate > < #
  • @cmswatch Greets – my big find for this quarter > < (Pieter Hintjens is in the back room there.) #
  • @cmswatch Please be aware: I cannot DM you because you have not reciprocated my Follow. Yes, WikiDot. #
  • Teachers of false zen receive tremendous support from those who practice pretense and arrogance while being dumb.fuck.klutzy. #

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