BenTrem tweeted on 2008-06-27

  • @alexknowshtml re: “the wise and advice” I’m fond of this: “Tell a fool he’s foolish and he’ll call you a fool.” #
  • #buddhism TheRealShiet > < “HHKarmapa’s teachings in Seattle” [chronicleproject_com] #
  • Kidz, culture is dynamic. If/when you promote by personality, the winners dictate what “the talk” is. => Those who “walk the walk” lose. #
  • @cdent Why am I not astonished to find your name in TiddlyWiki discussion? And why am I bothering to @ you since @ doesn’t work? *sigh* #
  • @interstar *Zounds!* TU … and, FWIW, I’ll agree with “Jamie Zawinski is a hero” iff I can add “And JWZ is the biggest asshole evahr.* ;-P #
  • Remember, you can find replies … w/me as e.g. > < #
  • /me adds to NetVibes. TU @interstar #
  • *take 2* When the charismatic dictate the paradigm of “talk the talk” they will, out of self-interest, de-voice folk who “walk the walk”. #
  • From self-interest the charismatic will at once dictate the paradigm of “talk the talk” and de-voice those who “walk the walk”. #oligarchs #
  • How’s this: if we don’t, as individual, care about integrity (think _bush.do_, or _techne_ and _praxis_) who the fuck will control things? #
  • *fix* Flashback: circa 1995 > < #
  • As close as I’ve come to a podcast > < #
  • @shelisrael I’m hearing of SMS probs from @pistachio … my heart goes out to the guys. #

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