BenTrem tweeted on 2008-06-26

  • @cote Sadly, the garage startup seems extinct. Most folk are “too busy”; the rest are running on fumes. #
  • *tap tap tap* Uhhh, ‘scuze me, but aren’t replies kinda like, you know, core? What’s twitter w/o @’s? #
  • @davedelaney You’re right … searched #Summize for @bentrem > < and found all. Good eye! #
  • Schweeet! A tiny little “add comment to a webpage” function > < #
  • FWIW: A while back I said Twitter was too tightly coupled. Replies, like DMs and Favorites, are not time-sensitive i.e. hive them off! #
  • Still trying to get AwesomeHighlight working predictably. #
  • Just a thought: if serial partial attention is the new “normal”, then of course I am totally screwed (i.e. hours on 1 thing). How’bout you? #
  • Mmmm … UltraEdit looks yummielicious > < UltraEdit scripting engine tutorial [ultraedit_com] #

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