BenTrem tweeted on 2008-04-18

  • What to say about a web design firm (successful) whose business blog uses gray text on a black background? *head/desk* #
  • Would someone puhleeze remind the Bruins that they aren’t supposed to win. #
  • Ok … 3 – 1 Boston … I mean really now, that’s just silly. #
  • 5 – 1 Boston over Montreal … almost as if the Habs are vulnerable … makes no sense at all, not a bit … #
  • Gotta luv makin wiki pages > < (Spare time over a coupla days, having returned after years away.) #
  • @waxpancake Sync! I just tweeted about how I’m re-discovering "BattleMaster", a neat little browser-based game. Something in the air? #
  • @jimwhimpey Howz Iginla do that? Anybody else it wudda been a pretty decent shot on goal, but there he goes again! #
  • @jimwhimpey All Price need do to secure his story very first year is bounce back big next game. *Gick! Yaa, Sharks sure do make the plays.* #
  • How many is a trillion, really? (Think of the national debt.) see … Kevin Kelly’s "Technium". #
  • @mbuckbee Contrary to what @chrisbrogan tweeted I’ll Follow you /despite/ your profile BG. ;-P #
  • 100 email from [wp-hackers] in 12 hours?! That can’t be right. #
  • What’s time-scale of today’s MPOGs, weeks at most? BM’s on-going drama is now in its 5th year > > < #
  • 2008 and the vast majority of blogs don’t seem to have email notification of replies to comments. So, are we incompetent? lazy? corrupt? #

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