BenTrem tweeted on 2008-04-17

  • Just trimmed my ZDNet email subscriptions wey back; at least one 100KB per day is just too much of a good thing. #
  • DataPortability "chat" on how to use Web2.0 techniques to achieve Web0.72a functionality … silk purse becomes sow’s ear. #
  • Imagine 2 or 3 yrs in an MPOG, 2 turns/day. Then leaving for coupla yrs. Then coming back. > < *yoiks!* #
  • President Dubya to the Pope: "Awesome speech." Awesome. To His Holiness the Bishop of Rome, the Pope. From PotUS. Geeeeeeeeezus. #
  • @dankeldsen Interesting story: philosopher Wittgenstein’s brother was a piano wizz; lost his right arm in WWI; commissioned the piece. #
  • @interstar Funny thing is I never heard about Ravel til I started to explore jazz! #
  • @meyerweb I had missed this entirely, so I’m staring with your "Reset Reasoning" > < thanks!! #
  • "Bitter? You ain’t seen nothing yet." Former SecLabor Robert Reich > < #
  • @kentbrew Keeping up with @s in the midst of a move … I’m impressed! (Or is Twitter excuse / procrastination? *grin*) Have fun. #
  • Something to think about? Publish2 and "link journalism" > < #
  • Clinton shows she simply has no humane understanding. Yes, prissy-pants, peope /do/ turn to religion when feeling abandoned. Twirp. #
  • re-tweet ;-P Something to think about? Publish2 and "link journalism" > < #

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