BenTrem tweeted on 2008-04-04

  • @yourdon heh "After the Air, it felt like a piece of Soviet Army field equipment." … a nice bit of writing. #
  • @andycowl No kidding?! *whooot* This aulde dawg’s eagle eye came through! heh … danged tastefully done, it was. Must be a neat bunch! #
  • @yourdon Not so long ago Air wudda been restricted technology … maybe that’s indicative of how things have actually pacified. Peace out! #
  • @pfanderson Ah, nice 2 know it was ironic. Today have been pondering how k-workers are 2 often as though automata i.e no decisions making. #
  • @andycowl I’m on that page. You say "Comm. Blog and Wiki" and I believe you. But I see no such links in the menu. #
  • @andycowl K, TU for your effort! I’m giving you a hard time; the menus could be / should be clearer. thanks again #
  • @unorder Howdy stranger, how’s tricks? I just added herself to > < my "Tweeters’ Blogs", by you. cheers #
  • @susny Hi … @unorder pointed me to your work. Fabulous! My "participatory deliberation" is about securing subj. narrative in "discourse". #
  • @unorder Replying here is even more more convenient w/those you follow, using DM. #
  • 60GB/mnth and folk complain, so pay $35/mnth for unlimilited. Breaking News: $8k/household credit card debt. #matrix #oligarchs #
  • @SamLawrence Is that your candidate for Super AntiHero? #

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