BenTrem tweeted on 2008-04-03

  • Blog comment pam is up … way up, viz: … web-wide? Targetted blogs? Dunno. #
  • @scottyang Hi there! Just found you. I love your "KeyWord In Context" (KWIC) search plugin. But, no joy w/WP2.5 … global vars? #
  • #cluesomeness and not. Click "About" on the HabariCon site and read, "This is a conference about Habari, for Habari users." Oh. TU. *pffft!* #
  • @SamLawrence As "superhero" as any of my avatars have gotten: < The YoungMan version is too much. #
  • @marshallk Take #2: /Love/ contract extensions … front-end setup 1ce for the duration. #
  • @pfanderson Did he use "critical mass" to get at something like "tipping point"? *Context! Weee wan’context!* #
  • @SamLawrence A master of the TaiChi style I do told me how it is, in fact, a stylized v. of nasty shiet. BTW: so is "lama dancing"! *shhh!* #
  • google docs; published to blogspot … cute. Didn’t work on … heh, "Throttle with extreme prejudice!" *snorth* #
  • Hammer lump of steel long enough, you get a nail. That is notRPTnot productive use of time/energy. We’ve trivialized the challenge we face. #
  • Oh swell. Nice way to end the day. Login to fails. Yeah … *pounds steel into yet.another nail.* #
  • I’m definitely getting the feeling that Web2.0 is an observer sport … cartoons, commentaries, analysis. Get work done? *pfffft* #
  • Looking back over a coupla dozen various projects I can’t think of _1_ that would benefit from Web2.0 *!Google Docs!* wooo-woo. *WTF gamez* #
  • "Look at me, I just got my 1000th total stranger to friend me on FaceBook!" Damn good thing the planet isn’t crashing, else we’d be fucked. #
  • "Mommy, mommy, I was inspired! I sat in my room with the lights off for 5 minutes! And I only had my laptop on!" */fucked/* #
  • … JRE required. And 28.8 modem. And ‘486 DX4. Classic game. C/w sound effects. heh. #
  • Trying to end the day on an up note: #
  • @yourdon A wood worker would enjoy a new set of chisels. (I know that from experience.) So … craftman’s worthy of his tools. #

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